Blacklight UV Flashlight Handheld Urine Stain Detector. The Best 12 LED Ultra Violet Flashlight to Find Stains on Carpet, Rugs or Furniture Material. 3 x AAA Batteries Included & Inserted

The Secret To Finding Your Pet's Favourite Spots To Pee Inside...You'll Be Amazed.
Does your house smell? Find it frustrating when you can smell the urine, but can’t find it? Do you crawl around sniffing the floor or spend money cleaning the entire carpet because it’s driving you crazy? Does it get worse on hot days?
PROBLEM SOLVED! With UV Sight’s Blacklight you'll EASILY find those invisible stains straight away.
Here's How It Works
Ultra Violet light causes the salts in dried urine to shine and glow like a yellow neon sign, making them easily visible to the human eye, and a breeze to clean, saving the need for expensive cleaners. View the photo's at the top of this page to see the effects.
What to Expect With UV Sight:
-Constructed of high quality materials, making it strong, durable and long lasting
-Powerful UV LED bulbs for a strong, consistently bright beam -there’s no need to crawl along the carpet
-Stains will light up like a neon sign
-Works on almost any surface or fabric such as carpet, curtains or furniture
-Useful for scorpion spotting, personal property identification of hidden ink, ceramic repairs and more!
-3 x AAA alkaline batteries included & inserted for your convenience
-RoHS & CE safety compliant and certified
Your Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority
When you purchase from UV Sight, you’ll get our LED UV Blacklight and our promise that your satisfaction is our number one priority - we're always here for your support. We'll also provide you with a FREE eBook to help train your puppy.
What are you waiting for? Order NOW to locate those urine stains with ease and enjoy a pee free home for good. Click Add to Cart at the top of this page to order your Blacklight NOW.

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