Chewing Problems in Puppies

Are you having problems with a puppy which is fond of tearing up your things? If you are a new puppy owner, expect to go through a brief period where the newest addition to the household seems to love tearing up things and destroying stuff.

For puppies, chewing is a normal behavior. To indulge his penchant for chewing, get him some toys that he can chew on. It may take time and lots of patience to teach your pooch to transfer his attention from your shoes and furniture to his chew toys; however it will ultimately be rewarding in the end.

When puppies chew on things, it is not usually viewed as a manifestation of negative emotions. Your pet is not chewing on your things because he is angry or insecure. It is actually a phase he passes through as he matures.

However, there are cases when chewing becomes a puppy’s outlet to vent out his anxiety. One common example is leaving a puppy alone for a considerable period of time. If your pet is used to meeting you at the door as you arrive at a certain time, he may get anxious when you are late. Chewing then becomes a form of therapy to relieve his anxiety. When you come home and find your puppy on a chewing spree, never lose your temper and lash out at your pet. If you make such a big fuss, he won’t understand why you’re punishing him. This will instill feelings of fear and anxiety.

How to deal with your puppy’s chewing problems

Although chewing may be a phase that he will soon outgrow, you can still undertake some precautions to address your puppy’s behavior and protect your belongings.

While your puppy is still undergoing basic training regimens, he should not be allowed to run freely around the house and inside a fenced yard until he can be trusted not to chew anything he can get his mouth on. If you are unable to keep an eye on him, confine him in a room that has been puppy-proofed or place him inside his crate. Give him various chew toys so he will have something to do while you’re out or doing some chores in another part of the house.

You can make rawhide treats more appealing by soaking them in flavored soup. Long marrow bones can also keep your puppy’s attention for hours. There are toys that you can stuff with your pet’s favorite treats. This will be a good way to provide physical and mental motivation as he figures out how to get the treats out of the toy. Having something to keep him entertained for several hours while you’re gone will take his mind off worrying and waiting anxiously for your return.


Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker